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Contractor Referrals

Starting a project and aren’t sure who to call? Don't waste money on websites or pick a random contractor out of the phone book. Stop in and talk to us! White Creek Lumber and Hardware can help. We work with home builders everyday and know the best area contractors who are licensed and insured. No matter the project, we know professionals with the specialties, skills, and tools that are most appropriate to your situation. Based on extensive experience, White Creek Lumber and Hardware can match you up with a builder that’s right for you and your project, helping you to achieve success. See one of our Lumber Specialists today for a quality recommendation.

Blueprint Take off & Estimating

Have your project plans but not sure where to go from there? Our staff can easily help! Stop in to White Creek Lumber and Hardware with the blueprints for your project, and we can review them and create a thorough estimate of the supplies needed to complete the project.

Delivery Service

Don't have a truck big enough for all the supplies you're purchasing? No need to worry! White Creek Lumber and Hardware offers reliable and insured delivery service. We have a full fleet of delivery vehicles available when you need them!  


Paint Mixing & Stain Blending

Custom paint blending and stain mixing is an art, and one that shouldn't be left to someone with no background in the field. When you need to know that your final project will be the perfect color, come in to White Creek Lumber and Hardware to have an experienced professional custom-match the color of your paint or stain. We can even do custom artistic blending if need be, because we know your special project deserves that extra touch!  

Window & Screen Repair

Broken windows and screens can be both unsightly and dangerous. Whether it was a baseball accident or a storm that caused the damage, our staff is ready and capable to quickly repair broken windows and screens. You can count on White Creek Lumber and Hardware to make that busted window look as good as new!  

Key Cutting

Key cutting machines have come a long way in the last few decades, but it's still important to have someone skilled operating them. Why risk needing to drive back to a big box store because a key that looked right won't actually open the lock it's supposed to? Come in to White Creek Lumber and Hardware for the peace of mind that comes with having an educated, experienced professional cut your keys for you.  

Pipe Cutting & Threading

pipecutting2When it comes to plumbing, a tiny mistake can be the difference between success or a big mess and another trip to the hardware store. Don't let someone who doesn't know what they are doing cut your pipes! Make White Creek Lumber and Hardware your pipe cutting and threading destination, and rest easy knowing it will be done right by someone who cares!